YouTube Marketing Videos

This is my list of great interviews, and articles I read and watch on YouTube Marketing (it’s an ongoing list so I will always add to it)

Video Marketing:

How To Optimize Your Video For Keyword Phrases: An Interview w/James Wedmore

  1. Use Keyword on Title, Description, Tags, and Say it several times during your video for when uploading transcript
  2. Transcript will for sure help you rank, even for weird keywords you didn’t want
  3. All keywords are different, so create a new video for each one, just add  a little spin if is a damn similar keyword (add “3 secrets to x… or x on 5 easy steps)
  4. Always do your research
  5. For current videos: Make sure there is a keyword being optimized for it, use related keyword on tags, upload a transcript, do backlinks to it, share the video with social media, embed the video on multiple places, get comments, get likes, get video responses
  6. Try to keep the video at around 3 min



  1. Build quality relationships with other YouTubers in your niche- and over deliver by providing them with Free content for them (i.e. Free tracks and music for them to use)
  2. Have a sweet talent – you gotta be good to attract viewers, or have some sort of expertise, so know your craft!
  3. Takes action- those that take action see results
  4. Stays consistent – There are a number of talented people on YT out there, but 99% of them aren’t consistent enough to get noticed and see success.

Here are the main things Jonathan covered:

  • How certainty kills innovation and success
  • Why action in the face of uncertainty is mandatory, but suffering is optional
  • How to change your workflow to turbocharge your creative process
  • What one thing you should do every day that will profoundly alter the psychology of creation and success.
  • And more…

Banned YouTube Account? Here is 2 people who got them back  because they asked:

  1. Dear YouTube – You Broke My Heart – An Open Letter to @YouTube
  2. Dear YouTube – Why Did You Dump Me? – An Open Letter To @YouTube
  3. YouTube Bans One Of America’s Top Fitness Blogger’s Account
  4. Youtube Terminated My Account! *Official Survival & Prevention Guide*

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