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Here is a List of Productivity & Marketing Tools I use when I am writing a post, getting organized, making videos, or whatever marketing and blogging task I am doing. (this will be an ongoing list and I will add more items to the list as I use and discover other great tools to help me out) Enjoy! (oh and most of these tools are Free!)

btw This is a Must Read Post for Setting up your PC – Set Up and Get to Know Your New Windows PC

and here is one for the MACers -Set Up and Get to Know Your New Mac and iPhoner’s – Set Up and Get to Know Your New iPhone

Productivity Tools

  • DarkRoom – - Cool tool to write with no distractions, just black background and green letters simple and  great for rough drafts for posts or articles without worrying about minor details. (WriteRoom for Mac users) Here is an article with more cool distraction free writers (I like Ommwriter), or check out QuietWrite which I also like
  • E-Mail Notifier Toolbar - This Firefox Toolbar Tells me Instantly When I got a New E-mail and can add as Many E-mail accounts as possible
  • Egg Timer - Awesome Online Alarm and Countdown Timer, Great for Getting Work Done Fast
  • Freedom : Turn off the internet at set intervals (Blocks internet usage for a set time you choose), great for shutting the screen, relaxing and go do something productive outside of the internet (Costs $10dlls, and there is a 5 times trial)
  • F.lux – This is software dims your computer’s screen light as the day progresses, so you are not staring at a bright screen at night, makes it easier on the eyes – Very cool stuff & it’s Free!
  • Dropbox – Love this thing – Take your files anywhere without e-mailing them to yourself, or bringing a flash-drive, its all done automatically – you get 2GB forFree
  • Revo uninstaller - (For PC) – Delete Unnecessary programs and shit on your computer that is only making it slow or taking space, and ultra delete important files that you for sure want to be deleted!
  • Mind Meister - Mind Map Tool
  • Trello – A Simple and Clean Organization and Team Management Tool
  • Zap Reader – Read Damn Faster!
  • Time Out (Mac) – Reminds You to Take a Break
  • Anti-Social (Mac): Block the Pages that Are Distracting You Online
  • Self-Control (Mac) – Block e-mail & distracting websites
  • Here are a couple of articles with some more cool self-control tool lists:
  1. 6 Ways to Avoid Letting Your Computer Distract You
  2. Time Tracking: The One Thing That Will Tell You Exactly How Productive You Are… Or Aren’t!
  3. 10 Online Tools for Better Attention & Focus
  4. 8 iPhone Productivity Apps You Shouldn’t Live Without

Research Tools

Glen from ViperChill also wrote a KickAss Arsenal on Research tool See it Here

Split Testing Tools:

Landing Pages/Squeze Pages


Best Places to Find Hot Niches to Market to (or see what people want) ** Always Give people what They WANT, NOT what they Need!**

  • Amazon – look at negative reviews and see what they wanted or was missing (I woul have liked: more descriptions, more recipes, more pictures, etc) Provide that!
  • Amazon Best Sellers – See what’s Hot
  • Dummies Books (look at outline, each sentence is an answered question)
  • 43Things
  • Forums
  • Yahoo Answers

Marketing Tools (Make your life easier)

  • ManageWP - Great tool to Manage Multiple WordPress Blogs all in one Dashboard – I use it on my Niche Sites – Great Time Saver to Mass upload Themes and Plugins to New Blogs, it’s free for 100 sites (like you really need more sites to handle than that, right?
  • Pingler – I use this to Ping Every New Blog Post & Video I make (don’t really know if it does much impact, but will keep doing it as it only takes a couple of seconds)
  • Aweber – The E-mail Autoresponser I have always used, never had a problem and they have great customer service (First month is $1 and the rest is $19 per month) (Mail Chimp & Tiny Letter are also other Options)
  • Ping Device – Post Multiple urls and Ping them all at once
  • SEO SERPS - Check were your url is in the top 100 of Google for your desired keyword
  • Public Domain – Search for Public Domain Docs

Twitter Tools

  • Pay With a Tweet : Great tool to lock files and let readers and members unlock them with a Tweet. Very Useful for Viral Marketing and getting Exposure
  • Search Twitter - Search Twitters Conversations and see who mentions your specified keyword
  • Tweet Chat – Follow Hashtags, so you are always able to dig on the conversation in that topic
  • HootSuite
  • Tweet Deck
  • BufferApp – Schedule Tweets + Facebook
  • CloudFlood - Share to Get X (Content Lock)
  • TweepDash – See who Unfollowed You, Who is Your fan and your mutual friends
  • Tweroid - See what is the best Time to Tweet to your follower (when are they most active & responsive)
  • Friend Or Follow (See who really follows back on instagram, tumblr and twitter)
  • Click to Tweet - Good for Tweeting Quotes or have people share part of your posts

Picture Tools

  • Pixlr – This Free Online Editor for Images Seriously Kicks Ass, Lets you Blur images(Express), Give Retro Looks, Withen Theet, and a Lot more! – Definitely a Powerful Tool for editing Images on the Fly (Even has it’s own Firefox Extension)
    Rollip – This give images effects like those of instagram (great alternative for PC users), I am loving it and using it on a lot of photos, cool tool to make pics look great
  • iaza – an online photo editing site, lots of cool features, I have used it to make some of my images transparent (like my blog headers), I am sure you can find use it for more cool stuff but that’s all i have used it for
  • FontSpace – If I want to make a header or banner with nicer looking letters I download different fonts and lets me have more options when designing headers and banners
  • Da Font
  • FontSquirrel – Another Badass Font Site
  • 99 Designs - Lets the Pros Give You a Kick Ass Design! – If you wan’t the cheaper ones there check out the already made section here
  • LogoInstant – Free Logos, you just need to edit them
  • Compfight – A Flickr Search Tool to Find Awesome Pictures to Use on Your Posts!
  • Slides That Rock – Their Site Will Kick you in the Face & Force you to Make Badass Slides (Plus they Got Super Cool Tips)

Royalty Free Pics

PIC TIP: Secret Tip for How To Find Great Pictures on Flikr (Tim Ferris Uses @min 24:30ish)

  1. Go to Flikr and Hit Advanced Search
  2. Check Creative Commons Only
  3. Once There Sort by Most Interesting
  4. You Will Find Awesome Pictures to use on your posts! (make sure you give credit)

Instagram for Desktop Clients

Video Tools

  • Screencast-O-Matic – Record ScreenCasts for Free
  • Camtasia - This is an Screen Recorder and Editing Software, I am not a hardcore editor, I have used it only to record my screen and do minor editing, buy if it you are really going to use it a lot, otherwise use the free tools available out there
  • Save Media – My preferred YouTube Video Downloader
  • RealPlayer Downloader – Use it to download almost any type of video on the internet
  • HandBrake – Video Converter to MP4 & MKV
  • KeepVid – Download Videos (Mainly YouTube’s)
  • iTransPod - Convert Videos so they Play on your iPhone, iPod or iPad
  • Caption Tube (haven’t used yet) – Transcribes your Videos fro Free
  • FlixPress – Great For Creating Intro Bumpers for Cheap

YouTube Tools:

  • LinkedTube – Insert a Clickable Button on your YouTube Video
  • TubeChop - allows you to easily chop a funny or interesting section from any YouTube video and share it.
  • CaptionTube – Automatic Captions for your YouTube Videos
  • TubeToolbox (paid)
  • HeySpread (Paid)

Audio & Recording:

Royalty Free Music:

Tools to Make Your Blog More Aesthetically Sexier & Functional:

  • Hello Bar - Have A Bar on Top to Tell People to Do Something – Awesome for Promotions
  • The Slide – That Box When you scroll down a page telling you to check this other article, yup, that is what this thing is!
  • nRelate & Link Within both cool plugins to give you a “you might also like these posts” thumbnails at the end of your posts (like big magazine blogs have)

Other: (Other Stuff, not necesaraly for productivity but can help you do cool stuff)

  • Steals Someone’s iPhone’s Songs for Free with SharePod
  • 280 Slides – Like the Keynote PPts on the Mac but for PC!
  • Tiny Letter – Awesome Free Autoresponder for Newsletters
  • LaunchRock – Create Launching Soon Pages
  • Launch Effect App – Create Sexy a Launch Contest Page (Coming Soon Page)
  • oDesk Team
  • Prey – Anti Theft for Computer and Phone
  • Raportive – See Your Friends Contact info + Social Networks
  • WiseStamp – Create a Social and Sexy Looking E-mail Signature
  • Contxt – Forgot your Biz Card? Send it trough Text
  • CreateSpace – Self Publish Your Own Book at Amazon
  • Tumbloadr – Mass Upload Pics to Tumblr with Preset Descriptions & Tags (Huge Time Saver)
  • MP3 Cut – Cut your audio mp3 files so you only get the part you want
  • Zap Reader: paste in your text and read it faster! (great for reding ebooks or long blog posts fast! (speed read hack)
  • Speed Up Video: Speed up the video so you watch it faster, 2x,3x up to 5x faster!…consume & learn from your videos faster! (faster video hack)
  • Text Expander: Create keyboard shortcuts for your mac, so you can type in email faster (just preload all of what you want to say, write your special code & boom (great for long signatures or constantly repeated messages)
  • PEDFescape: Edit PDFs Online, change links, draw & erase parts of it + more
  • PDF Filler – Online PDF Editor

Feel Free to post in the comments Tools that Help You get more done! :)

Look forward to your responses!


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