YouTube Domination

YouTube Domination – Steps to Take over the World with YouTube!


  • Pick niche (Either Passionate about or Profitable)
  • Use Google Keyword Tool
  • Use YouTube Keyword Tool
  • Look Videos on YT for that niche and at Related Videos
  • Make Similar Videos to Those that have Lots of Views (in any niche) (make plans)
  • If on Google there is a video ranking, Tackle that Bitch! and Make a Better Video!
  • Use Current Event Keywords
  • See Whats Trending on Google Trends
  1. Trend Blog
  2. Trend Twitter
  • See Whats Trending on Twitter
  • Look at others videos analytics & see where they embedded the video or why did it become poplar & also see the keywords they are being found on & reverse engineer that
  1. (Cool Article here)
  2. Search Twitter (Check Out # On Bottom of bar)
  3. Hatags #
  4. Trend Stats
  5. What the Trend
  • See YouTube Trends and make Similar themed Videos
  • Use Paid Tool Video Shadow to See Why Your Competitors Videos are Ranking
  • Set Up Google Video Alerts for your Keywords

Research Part 2: From Keywords Discovered:

  • Make Those Titles (Descriptions+Tags) of Videos
  • Fusion That Keyword With a Hot Trend

To Cut a Lot of the Research Time and Spy on your Competitors Check out VideoShadow, it Kicks Ass! & it’s a Time Saver (see video below)

It’s A Great Tool and You Can Get Video Shadow Here

…OK so let’s proceed

  • Search for “Exact Phrase” when doing keyword research & also do “exact Phrase” on YouTube Search Results to see how many other videos are trying to optimize for that keyword & see competitiont (less = better)

-Set Up your channel as Director to be able to have longer videos (Article here)

Now lets get into General & Specific Tips:

  • Make Sure you build backlinks to both your video & your channel (leaving comments on other videos are backlinks to your channel)
  • Participate in the YouTube Community (Add Value & Be a trusted source for info or entertainment)
  • Make Sure you Build an Strategy/Video Campaign and optimize for a big keyword with lots of phrases (not just a one shot viral video)
  • Make FUN Videos
  • Always Give Value on Every Video (Make people feel like “oh damn this was good, this man/woman must have more kick ass info, let me go find it”
  • Be Consistent with Your Videos & Keep Pumping them (decide on your schedule)

Times, Posting & What?

  • Besides being consistent with putting videos, make sure that if it’s a show – post videos at the same time ever day, week or every 2 days you posts them (people will expect them)
  • Film lots of videos at once, and post the content for 2 months (work in advance) (or more if you want)
  • Keep things simple: don’t try to do it all at once & chose your style: once a week? 2 a week? stick to what you feel more comfortable with
  • show videos on same day every week (ie: every Monday o Tuesday) and test out which day works best in your niche (track with analytics)
  • Make Sure you videos are quality (they can be crappy if content is freaking awesome, but at least have decent quality & always make them engaging)

Types/Styles of Videos You Can Make:

  • How To’s
  • Tuorials

Extra Hacking Tricks to Domainte YT:

  • Put a Pause anottation at the end of your video for 5 min while also linking in anottation to your other great videos (this way related videos won’t steal your traffic)
  • Buy people’s channels for $100 bucks or rent it for $5-$10 a month per video channel
  • Add your channel name in the tags (so is more likely your videos will show up as related vids)
  • Get backlinks: video responses(create a fresh one or on of your vids),
  • To see which keywords are converting: invest $100 in Fb or Adwords and see which keywords convert better and then do a video optimized for that keywords
  • Add Friends and Message or contact people on the same niche as you (be cool)
  • Post bulletins – talk to your subscribers and friends – let them new about your new vid, your new product, etc
  • When using annotations (always think if your video is gonna go viral) make the annotations changeable if a recent promo or tour date you have there changes (be flexible)

Traffic Methods:


Comment on High PR videos with lots of views & comments (it’s a backlink to your channel which gives you more authority)

Embeed your Channel on other Sites

Use your Keyword in the annotations (it may be a backlink)

Channels that are doing Vid Marketing right:

(learn form their use of keywords, annotations, call to actions, style, interactions with the viewers, and the loyalty and fan base they have build)

*Take a good look at their use of annotations to link to their other videos, to add them on twitter or FB, etc…they do a great job at making you stay and watch a lot of their videos + subscribe (and also they produce great quality constant content, which is key)*

  • BoyCeavenue - Great Band using annotations smartly to promote their events, but also being able to change it if the event passes (bc their videos go viral)
  • iJustine – Great clean looking videos, plus awesome call to actions to subscribe and keep watching her videos(at all her channels) at the end (with the annotations)
  • Inside the Mind – Great interaction for his show and awesome call to action at the end to favorite the video so you can save it for easy viewing + he shares great fun and interactive content, definitely model his show style

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